NEFFEX - Deep in the Game [Official Video]

Published on 09 Dec 2018 / In Music

*The song in this video is Copyright Free for use in your videos*

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yo I’m deep in the game yuh
so you best know my name yuh
fuck all the money and fame bruh
I’ma keep doin my thang yuh

ill be the best in the game
everybody knows my name
but fuck all the money and fame
that shit is so overplayed

parties they all look the same yuh
barbies they all look the same yuh
I’m here to change everything
I’m here to change up the game yuh

can’t lock me up in a cage nah
I should be on center stage yuh
poppin off like I’m champagne
every show is so insane

ovo like I’m drake
drop the world like lil Wayne
you know that I’m here to stay
I’m just a sucker for pain
killin these beats like I’m dre
little uzi Gucci mane
got cardi b in the paint
man I don’t Got no restraints
I’m preaching shit like a saint
I’m sick of hearing complaints
if you want something like fame
then go do something ok
but f*ck all the money and fame
that shit is all just the same
I know I’m deep in the game
but ima keep doing my thang

I got bad thoughts with a bad thot
think I’m bout to pop off when I start I can’t stop
hit em with the saw’d off till they fucking back off
get em in a headlock now I’m seeing red dawg
I just wanna get loud for a minute
hear them shout for a minute
go all out to my limit
get her now get her digits
sold out every ticket
no drought man I’m swimming
I’ll drown when I’m in it
cuz I’m found have a vision
b-ho on a mission
so you better listen
Ima end up winning
every game every inning
every word that I’m spinning
finally got em all living
every dream every image
they can see it now and get it
this is just the beginning
trust me a minute
I can show you the ticket
if you want it then go get it
take a swing yea I hit it
that’s right don’t forget it
always winning never quitting
spitting fire for a livin

✦✦✦✦✦ NEFFEX ✦✦✦✦✦

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