NEFFEX - First Time ???? [Copyright Free]

Published on 09 Dec 2018 / In Music

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like j Cole it's my first time
god damn man she's so fine
she got a body and a sharp mind
not a nine she a straight dime
short skirt and some hi socks
finish off with a crop top
she likes hip hop and hard rock
she likes heavy drops that's hot

I said I'm in it to win it
cuz if I want it I get it
just give me time we'll be sinning
just give me time I'll be swimming
up in a dime man I'm winning
pinning her down man I'm in it
oh man my thoughts are explicit
I like to test out my limits
already got me addicted
just to the thought of her vivid
tell all my friends I'm gon get it
at the next party I'll hit it yea
couple shots of that whiskey
a couple more and we're tipsy
my heart is beating so quickly
I think I like being risky

oh god her bra's so tricky
and fuck I'm way to dizzy
I think those shots just hit me
that's when she said get in me!
so I roll up to the party dude
I look around man nothing new
I see my girl sipping on a brew
that's when I knew what I wanna do

my hearts fast so I talk slow
and what I'm saying man I don't know
I just hope I look like a pro
cuz all I wanna do is take her home
body like a spinner
we're sippin on liquor
catalyst for a sinner
I feel my blood run thinner
straight to my liver
now I wanna pull the trigger
I wanna move a little quicker
skipping on the dinner
feeling on your figure
turn the lights down dimmer
think I picked a winner
doesn't know I'm a beginner
so I hope I can deliver

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